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About Hannah

I have been practicing complementary health techniques since 1996. I offer a wide variety of treatments and a wealth of experience from which I can draw to create the most effective healthcare programs for my clients.

I studied food intolerance testing and kinesiology with the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in 1998 and more recently acquired an I.T.E.C. diploma in diet and nutrition with The Centre for Nutrition Education with distinction. Using a combination of food intolerance testing, dietary advice and nutritional supplements I have successfully helped many people with a wide variety of health problems including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, asthma, eczema, arthritis and migraine.

I have been practicing reflexology since 1996 and have attended many specialist courses as well as completing my initial training with the Association of Reflexologists with distinction. Over the years I have been able to help many people with a whole range of health issues and my special interests include maternity and fertility reflexology, breathing disorders, digestive disorders and low immunity.